Youtube Network Partnership Agreement

If you violate the agreement, we will let you know to give you a chance to remedy the situation. However, in the event of a substantial infringement, you understand that there is no other option for us than to terminate the partnership and remove your channel from our network. Community policies: placement of the following points on your channel: MCN logo or network branding; Playlist with the channels presented; interstitial or final video slates; and youTube program rules: look carefully at the options, see what types of contracts look attractive and make sure the type of content you create is the same as what the network is looking for. Multichannel networks: These are big fish like Fullscreen, Machinima, Stylehaul, etc. These are larger business creations and thousands of channels under the aegis of their network. b – We have collaborated with our network partners by offering production facilities and/or production. The share of turnover and ownership are distributed among the partners 50/50. Additional production costs can be generated. Then we have Machinima, a very well-known gaming network. Let`s become a sub-network – Once you`ve connected a considerable number of channels, contact a well-known MCN.

If they accept you as a sub-network, you will receive technical support to better manage your channels. (However, remember that you have to pay a certain percentage of the revenue generated by your channel network to the MCN) Partner Promotion: If you do all this, you should have no problem being approached by a network or applying for a network. Some MCNs also offer additional sales opportunities, such as brand sponsorship or dedicated sales teams, that can help increase your channel`s overall revenues. If a network offers them these services, you can make sure they are listed in your contract. Virtual networks: while MCNs deal with serious things such as managing partner payments, they bring more recent sources of revenue, etc. Virtual networks or sub-networks are covered by MCNs and generally manage front-end processes such as spotting new talent and help them optimize their YouTube channels. Here are some examples – RPM Network and PewDiePie s revelmode. Connecting to the YouTube community by visiting conventions like Vidcon or Playlist Live is really beneficial. You can also contact network representatives directly and apply in this way. But it will be difficult to enjoy the benefits of the YouTube network partnership if you are just a small channel.

Thank you for your exchange of experiences. Have you tried other networks? I would suggest talking about your needs before you sign the contract. In your example, you could ask them if they would help you assign copyright and, if so, sign the contract. Recently, they acquired the RPM network, now called Maker Gen, a subsidiary of Maker Studies. Maker Studios itself is one of the oldest and largest YouTube networks.