What To Do If A Custody Agreement Is Broken

Oh and my son refuses to visit because of all the abuse. Now they threaten my freedom. How to take a 6`5,160-pound 17-year-old in a car and force him to go somewhere. My child runs, and then I am accused. What am I doing, I just wanted to approach you. I`m in the same boat except I`m a mom. My teenage son said he wanted to try to live with his father and I wanted to show him that I supported him, so I agreed. I also thought that this decision would get our son out of the tug-of-war. I was wrong. My son is now doing the same thing as your daughter-in-law, refusing to come and visit me and even sending me hateful text messages. Parental alienation is what causes this.

We have a hearing date and a mediation date before us, so I will ask that things be put back in order. You must do the same. There is no other way. Your daughter needs advice, but there must also be a psychological examination of parental alienation and an enforcement order. The only way to stop this is to find a way for your daughter-in-law to spend as much time as possible with your husband, and some kind of order that limits the power of mothers to sit down and encourage such disrespectful behavior. Violations of a court order on custody or access to children can have serious consequences. First, since the agreement is essentially a court order, the breach of a custody or visitation agreement may lead to judicial issues without knowledge. This can lead to consequences, including possible criminal sanctions such as fines or imprisonment.

I feel the same way, but my situation is even worse, my ex abducted children without the permission of the court, now she doesn`t even let me talk to them, she is denying to a judge. The judge ordered him to give me children for the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas 2 weeks. It`s 1000 miles away. I don`t let my kids see me, even talk to them on the phone. I haven`t seen them in 7 months, I haven`t spoken to them in the last 3 mois.je don`t know if they`re okay. It hurts too much. And I pay family allowances, I took a car from him. And she sold our house, never gave me my share, moved away, lied.

You know, I couldn`t even do that to my worst enemy. This is more than cruel. Now I am asking the court for full custody, I could get it, but I would have to get help from law enforcement to enforce it. and it`s a different state. So I`m hopeful to have my kids, but you never know. .